Beyond the Standard Model : asemic writing points to a gradual weakening of the correlation between sign and meaning or, within the language of Biology, to contradict the «form follows function» statement. Any textual hermeneutics based on an archaeological approach (restoration of a minimun set of alphabet signs from fragmented subsets, recovery of the original syntax from noisy comunication channels etc.) would hopelessly fail. This project addresses the intrinsic non-linearity of asemic writing from two perspectives: on the one hand the creation of new original computer-aided artworks, on the other hand the first attempt to define fractal analysis routines to explore and account for topological structures in place of the familiar language syntax within single texts or cluster of texts. This new blend of Mathematics with writing triggers an entirely new concept of book, one which is not written but coded, living and dynamic.

asemic | concrete | vispo
Calligraph and Seismograph
Digital Art, Calligraphy, Illustration
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Strukturfonien - A new supervised computation series
Programming, Engineering, Music
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Die Asemischen Städte
Drawing, Calligraphy, Graffiti
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AFM - Asemic Force Micro/Macro-scopy
Digital Art, Pattern Design, Drawing
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Concrete Poetry
Calligraphy, Drawing, Writing
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Disturbed X-scapes
Illustration, Graphic Design, Digital Art
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Micro Asemic Films
Motion Graphics, Animation, Digital Art
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Asemic/Concrete B Sides
Drawing, Calligraphy, Digital Art
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installation | video
Street Art, Digital Photography, Writing
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Digital Art, Cinematography
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drawing | painting
Painting, Drawing, Graffiti
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Winter Concert
Drawing, Painting, Graffiti
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