readings & exhibits


Poesiefestival-Berlin: Da Liegt Europa“, organized by Haus für Poesie, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Berlin, 07/09.
“GMuMaPS – EV.EX”, Feliciano De Mira curator, Evora, 22/08-26/09.
Chronotope in Mail Art Project, Tuli & Savu curator, City Library Foyer (Vapaudenkatu 39–41), 24/08–11/09, Jyväskylä.
Appunti dal passo del lupo, Bologna in Lettere, 07/05, 20:00, Bologna.
Poems Meet Visual Art, Science, and Film, Janée Baugher, Kanika Agrawal, Jess Mc Kinney, Federico Federici, hosted and curated by Jake Schneider, «SAND» Editor in Chief, 25/04, 20:00-21:30, Berlin.
Lange Nacht der Lyrik – Jahrbuch Der Lyrik 2021, hosted and curated by Christoph Buchwald, Carolin Callies, Florian Kind, 23/04, 18:00-01:00, Frankfurt am Main, Live auf Facebook.


Chronotope in Mail Art Project, Tuli & Savu curator, Runokuu Poetry Festival, Helsinki, August.


Scritture Asemiche – Libri d’Artista dalla Collezione dell’Accademia di Belle Arti di Palermo, Francesco Aprile curator, Palermo, 05/12-15/01/2020.
GMuMaPS“, Feliciano De Mira curator, Evora, 20/06-30/09.


“Scrivere Liberi-Scritture sperimentali e di ricerca dagli anni Sessanta ad oggi”, Giuseppe Garrera, Sebastiano Triulzi curators, MU.SP.A.C, L’Aquila, 14/12-11/01/2019.
Keep me as a pet, City of Santa Fe Telepoem Project, Elizabeth Hellstern curator.
L’esorcismo contrario, Asemic Plot n.1, Approaching Videopoetry: Origins, Constraints, Categories–Evaluating Videopoetry: Selection, Modification, Juxtaposition by Tom Konyves, IULM, Milan, (6-7/06).
Mrogn (Ger-It), Alter Krieg (Eng-It), “Poesiefestival-Berlin: Werte Vers Kunst”, organized by Haus für Poesie, ORi, Berlin, 26/05.
Brief aus Treblinka, “res.o.nant” by Mischa Kuball, Jewish Museum, Berlin, 2018-2019.
“Concreta-Mostrapoesia”, Giuseppe Garrera, Sebastiano Triulzi curators, Hungarian Academy, Rome, 21/04-06/05.
“Forme e Transforme-Dalla poesia visiva all’asemic writing”, Adriano Accattino, Cristiano Caggiula, Francesco Aprile curators, Ivrea, 24/03-10/06.


The Way I discovered the Berlin Wall has fallen, “Silent Art Auction”, Jan-Philipp Fruehsorge curator, The Drawing Hub, Berlin, 15-17/12.
Guernica, Time in four movements, “Allegorical Ghosts”, Wave Collective curator, London Fields Taproom, London, 12/12.
Asemic Tech“, Michael Jacobson curator, Punt Multimèdia, Barcelona, 28/02-25/03.
Finds of Silence, “Stille”, Group Global 3000, Berlin, 13/01-10/03.


Asemic plot #1, “Utsanga. Asemic writing exhibition/Map of the asemic horizon”, Francesco Aprile, Cristiano Caggiula, Elisa Carella curators, Parco Archeologico Scolacium, Roccelletta di Borgia, 02/12-02.05.2017.
Dunkelwort, “Stadtsprachen Expressional”, Martin Jankowski curator, Ehemaliges Stummfilmkino Delphi, Berlin, 06/11.
“Intuición Estética”, Michael Jacobson curator, Casa Baltazar, Cordoba, 17/02-06/03.


Die Beiden Seiten, “plattform:[no budget] #12 unabhängiges Medienfestival”, Leibnizhaus, Tübingen, 19/06-21/06.


The love song of A. N. Chamberlain, “plattform:[no budget] #11 unabhängiges Medienfestival”, Leibnizhaus, Tübingen, 31/05-02/06.


Action Poetry”, Peccolo Gallery, Livorno, 21/06-25/06.


Die Liebe bleibt, “plattform:[no budget] #8 unabhängiges Medienfestival”, Kino Studio, Tübingen, 21/05-05/06.
“Il reale nell’immateriale”, Circolo Bertold Brecht, Milan, 15/10-15/11.


“PoesiaPresente Festival”, Ника, Teatro Binario 7, Monza, 23/05.


“Las formas del verbo”, No mok in bed, MAC, Caracas, 05/10-01/11.