On the trail of the dead trees – Trunk 1

On the trail of the dead trees starts as a sound project on December 7th: just about dawn, I was taking a walk in the woods at Pian dei Corsi, when I saw the flat trunk of the umpteenth cut down tree, dripping with resin.
I could precisely remember the healthy, tall beech, standing on that clearing. Why had it suddenly been cut down and maybe dragged to some corner of the woods and piled into a heap together with hundreds of others? However I tried to convince myself there should have a been some good reason to do so, a hole was dug in me where that beech had stood. I suddenly moved and stood in the place of it and put my feet where its roots still grab the moss and the wet soil. For some ten minutes, I closed my eyes and little by little made myself a still, silent tree and felt I could get to know what the beech had heard for years and reconnect that finest thread cut in the Universe.
I then decided to start collecting a set of recordings, of which this is the very first one, mapping the trunks of the cut down trees to retrace the memory of the woods.
No image, nor video will be displayed on this screen, for dark is the heart of a cut down tree.