Federico Federici (aka Antonio Diavoli, b. 1974) got a degree in Physics and was researcher in the field of Confocal and Multiphoton Microscopy within the INFM framework at DIFI, Genoa University until 2004. Main fields of interest: Biophysics, Cybernetics, Applications of Group Theory to Physics. This experience has helped him to greatly span creativity over a variety of languages including literature, painting, photography and video installations.

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He is currently contributor to °puntocritico.

Authors he has translated (excerpts)

Sophie Hannah, Christopher Hobday, David Nettleingham, Alice Oswald, Rati Saxena (from English into Italian); Hans Arp, Paul Celan, Daiva Čepauskaitė, Joseph Von Eichendorff, Katarina Frostenson, Heinrich Heine, Merja Virolainen, Stephan Zweig (from German into Italian); Cesare Pavese, Giampiero Neri, Gian Paolo Guerini, Paolo Fichera (from Italian into English); Elena Fanajlova, Nika Turbina (from Russian into Italian); Nika Turbina (from Russian into English).

Reviews and journals:

electronic:  «AbsoluteVille», «The Adinorack Review», «Conversation poetry», «Ditch», «El Ghibli», «Nazione Indiana», «The New Post-Literate», «NiedernGasse», «On Barcelona»,  «Poesia 2.0», «Ulisse».
paper: «Atelier», «Broken Wine», «Cantarena», «Il Foglio Clandestino», «Kritya», «Maintenant, journal of contemporary dada writing and art», «Morning Star», «PaginaZero», «Private», «SAND, Berlin’s english literary journal», «Semicerchio. Rivista di poesia comparata», «Specchio», «Sphera Medical Journal».

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