Federico Federici (aka Antonio Diavoli, b. 1974) received a degree in Physics at the University of Genoa (Italy) in 2000, with a thesis entitled Influence of refractive-index mismatch in high-resolution three-dimensional confocal microscopy. He was researcher in the field of Confocal and Multiphoton Microscopy within the INFM framework at DIFI Genoa University until 2004.
Main fields of interest: Applications of Group Theory to Physics, Biophysics, Confocal Laser Microscopy, Cybernetics, Digital Image Processing, MATLAB Programming, Neural Networks, Two-Photon Microscopy. Full CV

email: federico@federicofederici.net
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Sean Bonney, Pat Gawley, Sophie Hannah, Christopher Hobday, David Nettleingham, Alice Oswald, Don Paterson, Rati Saxena (from English into Italian); Hans Arp, Paul Celan, Daiva Čepauskaitė, Joseph Von Eichendorff, Katarina Frostenson, Heinrich Heine, Merja Virolainen, Stephan Zweig (from German into Italian); Giorgio Caproni, Paolo Fichera, Gian Paolo Guerini, Giampiero Neri, Cesare Pavese (from Italian into English); Elena Fanajlova, Nika Turbina (from Russian into Italian); Nika Turbina (from Russian into English). Excerpts

\lfloor JOURNALS \rceil

electronic: «AbsoluteVille», «The Adinorack Review», «A-Minor», «Asemic Front», «Carte nel vento», «Conversation poetry», «Ditch», «El Ghibli», «Nazione Indiana», «The New Post-Literate», «NiedernGasse», «On Barcelona», «Otoliths», «Poesia 2.0», «°puntocritico», «Stadtsprachen Magazin», «Ulisse», «Utsanga», «Zoomoozophone».
print: «Applied Optics», «Atelier», «Broken Wine», «Cantarena», «Corriere della Sera», «Il Foglio Clandestino», «Journal of Physical Chemistry B», «Kritya», «Maintenant – Journal of contemporary dada writing and art», «Microscopy Research Technique», «Le Monde Diplomatique – Il Manifesto», «Morning Star», «PaginaZero», «Private», «Raum», «SAND, Berlin’s english literary journal», «Semicerchio. Rivista di poesia comparata», «Specchio», «Sphera Medical Journal», «The Unroean».

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Anterem, Conversation Paperpress, Elsevier Academic Press, Italic Pequod, La Camera Verde, Lampi di Stampa, Le Monnier, Oèdipus, Marco Saya, Nervi Edizioni, Via del Vento, Wiley, Zanichelli, Zona.

\lfloor MAJOR PRIZES \rceil

2017: Lorenzo Montano Prize for the prose «Diario di alcune ore della notte».
2016: Elio Pagliarani Prize for the poetry book «Mrogn».
2012: Treviglio Poesia Prize: L’esorcismo contrario, shortlisted.
2010: Lorenzo Montano Prize: «Tre prose unite», finalist.
2009: Lorenzo Montano Prize for the poetry book «L’opera racchiusa».
2004: Genoa International Poetry Festival Prize for the poem «Chiudi parola».

\lfloor MAJOR GRANTS \rceil

01/03/2003 – 31/10/2003: Single and Two-Photon Excitation and Characterization of Biosensors Uncaging, INFM, DIFI Genoa University.
15/10/2000 – 15/10/2001: Two-Photon Microscopy: Adapting Nikon PCM2000 Scanning Head, INFM, DIFI Genoa University.


“Silent Art Auction”, The Way I discovered the Berlin Wall has fallen, Jan Philipp-Fruehsorge curator, The Drawing Hub, Berlin, (15-17.12.2017).
“Allegorical Ghosts”, short films, Wave Collective curator, London Fields Taproom, London, (12.12.2017).
“Asemic Tech”, Michael Jacobson curator, Punt Multimèdia, Barcelona, (28.02.2017 – 25.03.2017). Catalogue
“Stille”, Finds of Silence, Group Global 3000, Berlin, (13.01.2017 – 10.03.2017).
“Utsanga. Asemic writing exhibition/Map of the asemic horizon”, Francesco Aprile, Cristiano Caggiula, Elisa Carella curators, Asemic plot #1, Parco Archeologico Scolacium, Roccelletta di Borgia (02.12.2016 – 02.05.2017).
“Stadtsprachen Expressional”, Martin Jankowski curator, Dunkelwort and two short films, Ehemaliges Stummfilmkino Delphi, Berlin, (06.11.2016).
“Intuición Estética”, Michael Jacobson curator, Casa Baltazar, Cordoba, (17.02.2016 – 06.03.2016).
“plattform:[no budget] #12 unabhängiges Medienfestival”, Die Beiden Seiten, Leibnizhaus, Tübingen, (19.06.2015 – 21.06.2015).
“plattform:[no budget] #11 unabhängiges Medienfestival”, The love song of A. N. Chamberlain, Leibnizhaus, Tübingen, (31.05.2013 – 02.06.2013).
Action Poetry”, videos, Peccolo Gallery, Livorno, (21.06.2011 – 25.06.2011).
“plattform:[no budget] #8 unabhängiges Medienfestival”, Die Liebe bleibt, Kino Studio, Tübingen, (21.05.2010 – 05.06.2010).
“Il reale nell’immateriale”, videos, Circolo Bertold Brecht, Milan, (15.10.2010 – 15.11.2010).
“PoesiaPresente Festival”, Ника, Teatro Binario 7, Monza, (23.05.2009).
“Las formas del verbo”, No mok in bed, MAC, Caracas, (05.10.2008 – 01.11.2008).

\lfloor Newspaper PRESS \rceil

Fa un inchino il fante di picche, excerpt from a review of Poeti in classe – 25 poesie per l’infanzia e non solo (Italic Pequod, 2017), Roberto Galaverni, La Lettura – Corriere della Sera, 23.07.2017.
Intervista Premio Elio Pagliarani, Marcello Tosi, Corriere di Romagna, 29.12.2016.
Senza Illusioni, Federico Federici, Le Monde Diplomatique, February 2016.
Sono pesi queste mie poesie, Mirka Pulga, Leggere donna, January-February 2009.
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