Federico Federici (aka Antonio Diavoli, b. 1974) got a degree in Physics and was researcher in the field of Confocal and Multiphoton Microscopy within the INFM framework at DIFI, Genoa University until 2004. Main fields of interest: Biophysics, Cybernetics, Applications of Group Theory to Physics. This experience has helped him to greatly span creativity over a variety of languages including literature, painting, photography and video installations. He is currently contributor to °puntocritico.

email: federico@federicofederici.net
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Authors he has translated

Sophie Hannah, Christopher Hobday, David Nettleingham, Alice Oswald, Rati Saxena (from English into Italian); Hans Arp, Paul Celan, Daiva Čepauskaitė, Joseph Von Eichendorff, Katarina Frostenson, Heinrich Heine, Merja Virolainen, Stephan Zweig (from German into Italian); Cesare Pavese, Giampiero Neri, Gian Paolo Guerini, Paolo Fichera (from Italian into English); Elena Fanajlova, Nika Turbina (from Russian into Italian); Nika Turbina (from Russian into English). Excerpts

Reviews and journals

electronic:  «AbsoluteVille», «The Adinorack Review», «Carte nel vento», «Conversation poetry», «Ditch», «El Ghibli», «Nazione Indiana», «The New Post-Literate», «NiedernGasse», «On Barcelona»,  «Poesia 2.0», «Ulisse», «Utsanga», «Zoomoozophone».
paper: «Atelier», «Broken Wine», «Cantarena», «Il Foglio Clandestino», «Kritya», «Le Monde Diplomatique – Il Manifesto», «Maintenant, journal of contemporary dada writing and art», «Morning Star», «PaginaZero», «Private», «SAND, Berlin’s english literary journal», «Semicerchio. Rivista di poesia comparata», «Specchio», «Sphera Medical Journal», «The Unroean».